Schedule Changes
January 2019

The following schedule changes are now in effect and the Schedule page on the website has been updated to reflect these changes.  To view the schedule anytime, go to

The Barbell Club has moved from Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30pm to Saturdays and Sundays at 10am.  This change works better for the existing Barbell Club athletes.  We are hoping that this will make Barbell Club an option for more athletes who are interested.  Barbell Club is a $10 monthly add-on to any unlimited membership.  Punchcards can be used for Barbell Club.

The 8:30am CrossFit workout has moved to 9am.  The 9:30am Iron Bodies workout has also moved to 9am.  Supervised childcare is now from 9am-10am.  With both of these workouts going on from 9am-10am, space and equipment for Open Gym may be limited and athletes are encouraged to avoid open gym during this hour.

The 8am workout on Saturday mornings has been cancelled due to poor attendance.  The 8am workout on Sunday mornings is still on the schedule.

The Foundations workout that was on Saturdays at 11am is being replaced with a new way that we will be bringing athletes new to CrossFit into the gym.  We will be encouraging athletes who are new to CrossFit to sign up for three one-on-one training sessions for $150.  Two people or a group of three people can get a discount by attending the one-on-one training sessions together.  For more information, go to

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