Pricing Changes
January 2019

As of Jan 1st, 2019, our monthly unlimited pricing is now $175/month. All athletes with memberships prior to Jan. 1st will be grandfathered in at their current pricing. Any members who cancel their memberships for more than 1 month are subject to the new pricing.  Membership holds are not subject to the new pricing.  Anyone who started their free trial prior to Jan 1st is eligible for the prior pricing if they sign up before Jan 31st.

The discounts for LEO, Fire, Military will still be $30 off the monthly rate (over 17% off), so the monthly discounted rate will be $145.  Thank you for your bravery and service.  These discounts are for the LEO, Fire, and Military member only.  Discounts do not apply to spouses.  Military must be US active-duty or reserves to be eligible for the discount.  LEO must be a sworn-in, badge-carrying officer.  

Our Student and Teacher pricing will be $120/month.  Students must be full-time and either K-12 or paying to attend school.  DLI and NPS students do not qualify for student memberships as they are being paid to go to school.

The Couples discount will stay at $25 off for each member of the couple, though each member is limited to one discount only.  With the $25 discount, couples are $150/month each.

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