Week 5 – CF Open 20.5

To view the workout and movement standards, click here

Heat Sign Up

This week we will be running heats every 30 minutes starting at 5:00pm. The time you choose is the time when you will start the workout. Please see the Warming Up section below for details on when to arrive and how to warm-up. Your heat time is when you You must sign up for a heat time in advance. To sign up for a heat, go to here

Warming Up

There will not be group warm-ups led by a coach. Each week, there will be a warm-up written up on the whiteboard for you to do on your own that will take approximately 10 minutes. There will be a review of the movement standards for judges and athletes 5 minutes before the workout. Make sure you arrive with enough time (at least 15 minutes) to warm-up sufficiently BEFORE your heat start time.


We will do our best to make supervised childcare available at some point Friday evenings during Friday Night Lights. There will be no charge for the childcare for these Friday evenings. PLEASE BE SURE to email info@firstcitycrossfit.com with the names and ages of ALL children no later than Friday at 12noon.

Judges and Judging

If you are officially signed up for the CrossFit Open, you MUST have a judge during your workout. We will also likely need you to be a judge for someone else. You and your judge MUST BOTH know and adhere to the movement standards. It is YOUR job to meet the movement standards. It is your judges job to tell you if you are not meeting them and tell you why or how you are not meeting them. There is a link above to the movement standards for each workout. We will review the movement standards with athletes and judges a few minutes before the start of each heat.

Judges do not have to have taken the Judges course to be a judge unless the person you are judging is planning to go to the Games. We will need EVERYONE competing to also judge AT LEAST one athlete. If you are not competing or signed up but can come and help us with judging, we would appreciate it.


You and your judge are responsible for making sure that your scoresheet is filled out properly and completely. First City cannot validate scores without a matching scoresheet that is filled out correctly and completely. Athletes should make sure that their score is on the top and bottom portion and remove the bottom portion to take home with them. The top portion of the completed scoresheet must be put in the folder on the front desk. PLEASE BE SURE THAT BOTH PORTIONS ARE FILLED OUT CORRECTLY AND LEGIBLY!!

Submitting Your Score

You must submit your score online by logging into the CrossFit Games app or by going to games.crossfit.com. Submit your score as soon as possible. Do not wait. Don’t forget.


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