Dedicated Mobility Room Coming Soon, Replacing Sunday Mobility Hour

In the next few weeks, First City CrossFit will be setting up a dedicated room in the gym that will allow athletes to do extra mobility work anytime that the gym is open.  Since this room will allow athletes to mobilize during any hours that the gym is open, the dedicated mobility hour on Sundays at 10am will no longer be offered starting this Sunday April 15th.  Please note that this also means the gym will close on Sundays at 10am including for Open Gym.  

The dedicated room will have a large HDTV with access to streaming video services that will guide you through routines including ROMWOD, MWOD Daily, and Crossover Symmetry.  FCCF will also be offering mobility and accessory programming for its athletes.  The room will have foam rollers, yoga mats, rubber bands for stretching, lacrosse balls, Crossover Symmetry bands, and other mobility tools for your use.  

We are excited for athletes to have a dedicated space where they can work on improving their mobility anytime that the gym is open.

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