Crowd-sourced Financing to Purchase Equipment

A huge thank you to all who contributed to our crowd-funded micro-financed loan. We received $10,000 in funding and have ordered a bunch of new equipment to help our athletes get fit.

As a small business, owned and run by one person, First City CrossFit has always struggled with access to credit to move the business forward and match our growth.

If you wish to contribute, click here. To find out more, keep reading.

Three years ago, First City CrossFit learned about a website that helps small businesses from around the world get crowd-funded loans. FC applied for a $10k loan and thanks to help from our members and other lenders, FC was able to purchase the eight Assault Bikes that we now have plus some additional equipment. Receiving financing allowed us to purchase all eight bikes at once which meant a significant discount on each bike. It also meant that we could now offer these amazing conditioning tools to you and the rest of our athletes. This month (July 2019), I am proud to say that FC paid off that loan, repaying all of those who contributed. A huge thank you to everyone who made that possible.

First City has once again applied for a Kiva loan to purchase equipment for the gym (click here to see a full list) including ski ergs and wall ball targets. We would love your help with funding it.

This is NOT a donation. It is a contribution towards financing of a loan. Each month, you will receive a partial repayment with the full amount being returned to you at the end of the 3-year loan term. The amount can be as little as $25. If you wish to contribute, click here. Thanks for being a part of the FC community and for your consideration of this loan.

To find out more about the Kiva organization, check out this TEDTalk by the founder, Jessica Jackley.


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