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TRIIB Kiosk setup on Fire HD tablets

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First City Fitness / First City CrossFit (FC) uses TRIIB for our membership management. TRIIB provides a kiosk that allows our athletes to sign into workouts, sign up for memberships, and make purchases from our retail store.

FC runs the kiosk on Amazon Fire HD 8 tablets with the Fully Kiosk app. We currently have three tablets positioned throughout the gym. The Fully Kiosk app allows us to lockdown the tablet and ensure that it can only be used for accessing the TRIIIB kiosk.

Below are FC’s best practices for configuring the Amazon Fire tablets with the Fully Kiosk app for use with the TRIIB kiosk.

Reset the tablet to factory default

(optional if tablet not new)

Hold Power button to shut off
Press Power button and Volume Up button at same time until logo appears
Select “wipe data/factory reset”
Select “reboot system now”
It may take 10-20 minutes to boot back up fully

Configure Tablet

(if not already done)

Select Language – English

Connect to WiFi

Log into Amazon account for license

Do Not Restore
Disable Alexa
Not Now for Child Profile
Not Now for GoodReads
No, Thanks for Kindle Unlimited
No, Thanks for Amazon Music
Not now for Download Apps

Install Updates

(if not already updated)

Settings – Device Options – System Updates
Click on Update until ALL updates are installed

Configure Settings

Settings – Display
When Device is Rotated – Stay in Current Orientation

Settings – Device Options
Change Device Name to “First City Fire tablet X” where X is a unique number

Settings – Device Options
Record Device Name, Model, and Serial Number

Settings – Device Options
Find Your Tablet – turn on

Settings – Security & Privacy
Apps from Unknown Sources – allow

Install Fully Kiosk

Open SILK browser to
Click on download box

Choose Fully Kiosk Browser APK ver 1.30 (for Fire OS) option
Download – Install – Open

Configure Fully Kiosk

Start URL

Go to Start URL in Fully Kiosk

Enter PIN as configure in TRIIB admin UI under Triib Settings – Kiosk Settings

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