Community Update
Aug 20th, 2020
Equipment Lending Program
during Closure

Due to the recent closure of the gym, First City will once again be providing programming for at-home workouts and lending out our equipment to athletes with unlimited memberships.

Athletes with punchcards will be allowed to borrow any equipment not borrowed by members with unlimited memberships, but we will be punching their card twice a week.

Last time we did this, we rushed to get equipment out to athletes quickly and for a variety of reasons we are going to do our best to be more organized and equitable this time around.

Forming Groups

One of the ways that we are going to attempt to improve the process is to ask athletes to try to form groups. The group can share equipment by exchanging the equipment every so often or the group can agree to keep all of the equipment at one person’s house and simply take turns using at that house. Groups can be formed based on geographic closeness or based on what time you workout. They can be based on a mutual agreement about how to share the equipment or what equipment you want as a group.

Whether using equipment at your own house or at someone else’s house, please remember SAFETY FIRST. Please be extra careful to not hurt yourself or destroy any property. Remember you are not at the gym.

Requesting Equipment

We are asking athletes or groups of athletes who wish to borrow equipment to enter their names and equipment preferences into the Google Sheet at the link below BEFORE 3pm on Saturday. If you have any difficulty or questions, please email the or call 1-831-920-1755

Equipment Lending Sheet – click here to request equipment

The order of the groups and names in the spreadsheet will not matter. Requests filled will be prioritized based on the size of the group (ideally 4-7). Requesting equipment does not mean that you will not get it.

Checking out Equipment

Once I have had a chance to organize the requests on Saturday evening, I will be notifying athletes which of their requests we can meet. I will be available Sunday morning from 8am-12noon at the gym for athletes to come pick up and sign out their equipment. If you can’t make it at this time, please email or call 1-831-920-1755 to make an appt. All equipment being picked up must be verified by a coach and signed for.

Returning Equipment

Once we are able to re-open, athletes will be expected to return the equipment in 24 hours (48 hours max.). All equipment being returned must be verified by a coach.

Working out indoors

The intention here is NOT for athletes to workout outdoors at home if the air quality at your home is not good. If you do not have room to workout indoors, please let us know and we can try to match you up with a group that is going to share a space at one location.

The COVID measures are still in effect. Members of the groups should not be using the equipment at the same time. One person in the group should be using it at a time and the equipment should be wiped down before it is used by someone else.


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