doTerra at First City

Keeping the gym clean and our athletes healthy

First City proudly uses doTerra essential oils to keep our facility clean and our athletes healthy. doTerra products are safe, effective, and smell great.  We use doTerra OnGuard Concentrate to mop our floors and to clean the equipment.  We provide doTerra OnGuard Foaming Hand Soap in our bathrooms.

Why doTerra?

doTerra products are effective at cleaning without harsh, toxic chemicals.  They use essential oils from natural sources.  doTerra products are safe, effective, and smell great.

Buying doTerra products at First City

First City has doTerra onGuard concentrate, onGuard hand soap, and foaming hand soap dispensers available for sale in the Retail room.  First City also sells doTerra essential oils and Deep Blue rub for sore muscles.

Buying doTerra products online

You can also purchase any of the products doTerra sells online by clicking here or going to

Selling doTerra

Are you interested in purchasing doTerra at wholesale prices and selling it by simply telling your friends about it?  If so, contact First City’s doTerra representative, Toula Hubbard, by email or phone.

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