First City Dog Policy

The following is First City’s policy for dogs at the gym.  All dog owners MUST read, understand, and adhere to these policies or they will not be allowed to bring their dog to First City.  

Dog owners who bring their dogs to First City CrossFit are fully responsible and liable for their dogs while at First City.  Owners must make every effort to ensure that their dog does not pose a safety risk for any athlete or other dog at the gym. Owners should not bring dogs if they have a history of aggression towards humans or other dogs.  

All dogs must be on a leash at all times when at First City including before, during, and after the workouts.  No exceptions.

During the workout, dogs must be kept out of the way of those working out including for workouts that involve running.  

All dogs must be kept off the rubber flooring, platforms and anywhere that athletes are working out or where athletes may be on the floor.

Owners with dogs that shed must bring a blanket or sheet for their dog to lay on.  For dogs with a lot of fur or that shed a lot, vacuuming and/or sweeping the area where your dog stays while you are working out may be necessary to ensure that the dog’s hair is cleaned up.  There are vacuums, brooms, and dustpans in the broom closet.

Any dog that pees or poops inside the gym is no longer allowed inside the gym.  They can come to the gym but must be kept outside at all times.

Owners must clean up after their dogs when their dog poops outside.  Poop should be picked up using a bag and disposed of in the garbage dumpster on the left out back or taken with you.  Please do not put dog poop in the garbage bins inside the gym.

Owners must take the necessary steps to prevent their dogs from barking or whining during the workout.  If dogs continue to whine or bark, please avoid bringing them.


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