“Creatine, it is one of the most researched supplements there is and there are no known side-effects. Your body produces it naturally anyway. Your get it through food… Across the board it is totally safe and incredibly powerful to create more powerful athletes…If you are an athlete you should be taking creatine, Creatine MonoHydrate, no matrixes, no complexes, no blends, no fancy nothing, 5 grams a day. Don’t need to load it, don’t need to go off of it, don’t need to work about meal timing.” – Ben Bergeron, CrossFit New England and CompTrain

Creatine is also one of the most affordable supplements. The 1000g bag at the link below is 200 servings (5g/serving) and it costs less than $30!

I have found that some brands of Creatine gave me digestive issues. Thankfully there are many brands out there. I have found that the brand below does not give me any digestive issues. I am happy to give anyone a sample to try out. If you decide to try out other brands, remember you want “Creatine MonoHydrate, no matrixes, no complexes, no blends, no fancy nothing, 5 grams a day”

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About the Product

100% GERMAN CREATINE MONOHYDRATE: Creapure. After years of going back and forth about “the best kind of creatine”, nothing has stood the test of time and research better than creatine monohydrate.
DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS THAN 99.95% PURITY: German Creatine is made with 100% Creapure®, manufactured in Germany under strict GMP conditions, and verified for purity using High Pressure Liquid Chromatography
CHINESE VS. GERMAN DOESN’T COMPARE: For all supplements and their cost, creatine monohydrate is cheap! Don’t settle for cheap chinese junk full of contaminants.
CLINICALLY PROVEN SAFE & EFFECTIVE: Only Creapure® has been investigated in more than 50 clinical trials supporting its short term safety. And numerous clinical trials have supported Creapure’s® long term safety as well.
HOW IT WORKS: If you only took one supplement ever for muscle growth, it might definitely be creatine. Creatine supports the ATP/ADP conversion process, which is muscular energy used and needed during workouts.

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