First City’s Handling of the Coronavirus

UPDATE as of 4/4/2020

First City Mobility Challenge

Sign up for a 45-day free trial with ROMWOD by clicking on the link below. Share this with others to challenge them as well. Then do a mobility workout of your choosing from ROMWOD for 14 days in a row. Your prize is improved mobility and recovery along with better sleep and reduced risk of injury.

ROMWOD 45-day FREE trial – click here to sign up

New online workout schedule beginning on April 6th, 2020

Starting Monday April 6th, the 7:30am workout will be moving to 6am and we will be adding a 9am workout. The 12noon and 6pm workouts will continue. Let us know by emailing us at if you would like to see more times added.

For the most updated online workout schedule and links, go to

Two At-Home Comps starting this weekend.

There are two at-home comps that are starting this weekend.

CrossFit is organizing the Support Your Local Box (SYLB) comp which is an Open-style 3 week comp with 1 workout per week>. It starts this weekend and the first workout has been announced. There is an optional $20 donation at sign up that will go to the gym of your choosing. For more info and to sign up, go to

The United in Movement comp is 7 days with one workout per day. The first workout was announced yesterday, Friday 4/3. The donations go to help gyms struggling in through this crisis. For more info and to sign up, go to
UPDATE as of 3/31/2020

Online workouts beginning on April 1st, 2020

First City CrossFit will begin offering online workouts starting on Wed. April 1st, 2020. The workouts will be available at the following links.

Weekday workouts
7:30am workout –
12noon workout –
6pm workout –

Weekend workouts
Saturday 9am workout –
Sunday 9am workout –

We will continue to publish daily workout and warm-up videos.

Online Workouts

UPDATE as of 3/27/2020

Still lending out Equipment

First City is still lending out any and all of our equipment during this period. There are some lighter and heavier dumbbells and kettlebells and a handful of plates and even a barbell or two left. If you would like to borrow some equipment, email us at or call us at 1-831-920-1755 to set up a time to come in and borrow some equipment. If you already borrowed equipment and you are interested in exchange program so you can trade in the equipment for different equipment.

UPDATE as of 3/27/2020

Cardio Substitution Equivalents

We have compiled a Google Sheet with the approximate equivalent calories and distances for the various cardio movements to help our athletes when they are substituting during their workouts.


First City has created a SnapChat account firstcity_cros as one more way to keep our community connected. We will be limiting it to First City members only and we will be handing it off to a different member each day. If you are interested in posting some videos throughout the day and letting your fellow FCers know what you are doing while taking precautions to avoid the virus, email us at and let us know.

UPDATE as of 3/25/2020
As we move through this period of having to stay in our homes and maintain social distancing, First City is making every effort to ensure that our athletes continue to get fit. Here is an update on some of the things we are doing and some things we could use your help with.

Safety First

Working at home can require getting creative. While creativity can help you get in your workout, please be careful and ensure any equipment and your workout area is safe. We don’t want anyone getting injured or anything getting broken. When in doubt, scale or substitute. Please be sure to warm-up properly, scale appropriately, prioritize good form over speed and weight.


As a gym, we subscribe to ROMWOD. Since our athletes can’t come into the gym and do ROMWOD, ROMWOD is currently offering a 45-day free trial using the link below. You will be required to enter payment info but you will not be charged as long as you unsubscribe before 45 days. If the shelter-in-place order remains in effect beyond 45 days, ROMWOD has assured me that they will have a better solution in place.

At-home Workouts

First City is continuing to post two daily workouts that you can do at home, one with no equipment needed and one with minimal equipment. You can view these at-home workouts by downloading the SugarWOD app and choosing First City as your gym. SugarWOD allows you to do things like track your workouts, record your score, and give virtual fist bumps. You can also view these workouts by going to

Lending out Equipment

First City will be lending out any and all of our equipment during this period. There are some lighter and heavier dumbbells and kettlebells and a handful of plates and even a barbell or two left. If you would like to borrow some equipment, email us at or call us at 1-831-920-1755 to set up a time to come in and borrow some equipment. We are also working on setting up an equipment exchange program so you can trade in the equipment for different equipment.


Along with the daily at-home workouts, we have started posting daily videos to the First City YouTube channel and including a link to the daily video in the workouts. The daily video will walk you through a warm-up and instruct you on the movements in the workout, and cover strategy and scaling options. We are also going to be posting additional videos on things like nutrition, technique/skills, and considerations when working out from home.

We are exploring the option of doing online, remote workouts lead by a coach for those who want this. Athletes could connect to a video conference from their computer where they could see and hear the coach and other athletes.

Community and What You Can Do to Help

One of the best parts of First City CrossFit is the motivation and support from the community. First City has multiple different ways to help keep us all socially connected while we are physically apart.

1. The SugarWOD app lets you not only track your workouts and record your scores, but you can see scores of other athletes, give them a virtual fist bump, and even talk some trash.

2. If you are on social media, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Check out videos and picture of your fellow athletes for motivation to get your workouts in. Send us your videos and/or pictures of your at-home workouts so we can post them to motivate other athletes.

3. There is also a private Facebook group, First City CrossFit Athlete Group, in which you can post anything from videos of what you are doing to keep from going stir crazy to suggesting things FC can do to help during this time. Share your favorite Dad Joke or you can even post the stuff you are trying to sell or give away after finally, out of sheer boredom, cleaning out your storage closet.

Membership and Billing

Thank you to everyone who is able to keep their membership active. We will be doing everything we can to continuing to assure that you get stronger, fitter and faster during this period.

For those whose income has been impacted by this shelter-in-place order, we have always allowed our member to put their membership on hold or cancel it. If you need to add a hold or cancel your membership, please send us an email to let us know. My hope is that everyone will be able to resume their memberships once their income returns.

If this continues for more than the 3 weeks that it is currently scheduled for, we will look at alternatives including a reduced temporary membership for online programming and coaching.

UPDATE as of 3/17/2020
Monterey County has issued a shelter in place order starting March 18th. Until the order is lifted (currently scheduled for April 8th, 2020), all on-site group workouts at First City will be cancelled.

First City will continue to publish at-home body-weight workouts and at-home workouts with minimal equipment. Workouts will be published to the SugarWOD app. If you are not using SugarWOD already, simply download the app and choose First City as your gym to be able to see these workouts. SugarWOD can also be used to track your workouts, record your score, and give other athletes a virtual fist bump for their score. We also communicate announcements through SugarWOD.

We know that a big part of what we offer is coaching and community. We are working on setting up remote, online workouts and instructional videos to help make sure that you are still getting instruction from coaches and the support of the community. Check back here for more info.

We have always allowed athletes to put their membership on hold at anytime. Thank you to the athletes who have not put their membership on hold during this period. Keeping your membership active allows us to continue to pay our coaches and our bills so that we can continue to help you with your fitness both during this period and after. If your income has been impacted and you need to pause your membership, please click here to learn how to put your membership on hold.

First City will lend out any and all equipment to athletes who keep their unlimited memberships active. We will limit everyone to one piece of cardio equipment (bike, rower, or jump rope) and one piece of weighted equipment (kettlebell, dumbbell, or barbell and weight plates). Please be sure to contact us via or phone at 1-831-920-1755 to check out any equipment and to setup a time to pick it up.

Prior announcements

First City is monitoring the Coronavirus situation closely. Please read this carefully and check back often as we will be posting updates to our handling here. For up-to-date information on the Coronavirus, go to

As of Sunday March 15th, 2020, we will be continuing our regular schedule. First City will be taking the following appropriate and necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

First City will be posting at-home workouts for anyone who chooses to stay home and not come in to workout. If you have any questions about the movements and workouts, please let us know.

Athletes and coaches who have any symptoms must stay home until they are sure that they are healthy. The most common symptoms are fever, cough, and shortness of breath, but if you have any symptoms of not feeling well, stay home. For more details on symptoms, click here.

Fist bumps and high-fives which are usually encourage are now strongly discouraged. And in fact we recommend keeping a distance from others. We are very fortunate to have a lot of space, please spread out and even consider using the secondary room for busier workouts.

Starting for the workouts on Tuesday March 17th, 2020, we will be asking everyone to sign up for workouts in advance. For directions on how to do this, we will be posting instructions soon.

As always, clean your equipment before putting it away and clean any surface that you touched. If you dripped sweat on the floor, please wipe it up with a towel and spray cleaner onto the area and leave it. As an extra precaution, clean equipment and surfaces before you get it out to ensure it is clean.

As always, wash your hands thoroughly. This means soaping them up for 20 seconds or more. If the soap is getting low in the bathrooms, please be sure to let a staff member know.

If you have to cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with your elbow pit and immediately wash your hands and elbow pit. If you are coughing or sneezing with any regularity, you should stay home.

Our staff will be cleaning surfaces touched by others throughout the day. Coaches will check you in. Please do not use the touchpads to check-in.


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