2019 Battle Buddy Throwdown
Mixed Team Competition
at First City CrossFit

Join First City Crossfit for our first annual Battle Buddy Mixed Team competition on Saturday Dec. 14th, 2019!

Athlete check in will be at 7:30am. Event will end around 3:30pm.

There are two divisions: RX and scaled. One partner on each team should be able to do the heavier or lighter weights for each division respectively.

The cost is $100 for a team of two. A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit veterans. Organizations will be announced soon.

We will have four events plus a scored floater workout. Events will be announced leading up to the competition with detailed standards.

If you are an existing member of First City, please be be sure to login with your TRIIB userid and password. If you don’t know your TRIIB userid and password, click here and click on the Forgot Password link.

One partner will sign up and pay for both members of the team.


RX Movements
Chest to Bar
Handstand Push Ups
Toes to Bar
105/155# barbell movement

Scaled Movements
Jumping Chest to Bar
Hand Release Push Ups
Knees Above Parallel
65/95# barbell movement



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