Closures due to Air Quality

Due to current COVID restrictions, we are prohibited from working out indoors.  We have moved our workouts outdoors, but we have had to shutdown due to poor outdoor air quality resulting from local wildfires over the last few weeks.

When issues like this arise, we will be sending out text messages, emails, and notifications via the TRIIB app.  Please be sure that we have your current email and cell phone number on file if you wish to receive emails and text messages and that you have the TRIIB app installed to receive notifications via the app.

Going forward, we will be looking at the air quality forecast on the AirNow website for the following day.  If there is an air quality forecast that is worse than Moderate, we will be cancelling the workouts for the following day.  If the gym is closed due to air quality and the forecast for the following day is Moderate or better, the workouts will resume the following day.  We will be sending out a notice thru the channels mentioned above anytime there is a change.  We will do our best to send out the notice between 6pm-8pm for the following day.

We may change this policy if we find that it is not working to keep everyone safe and healthy.



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