Movement Skill / Mobility

Every athlete must improve mobility…

to enhance performance, strength, and skills

As we look around FCCF we see a wide variety of athletic abilities.

Heavy lifters and quick movers mixed across a vast range of abilities.

Every single member of our gym has a deficiency.

Some can’t touch their toes, some can’t engage their shoulders, others struggle with a proper air squat.

These are skills that everyone needs, but many lack.

If you don’t have the flexibility, you can’t develop the skill. If you can’t develop the skill, you can’t use your strength.

Simply put, you are only as strong as your weakest link

Our goals for Movement Skill will be to focus on full body flexibility, shoulder strength, hand balancing, & movement flow.

During the session, skill levels will be assessed.

All skill levels are welcome.

We will learn movement progressions and assign appropriate programming for development of each individual athlete. This will be tough work, you will need to be highly motivated, but the hard work will pay off.

Your movement = your freedom

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