• Frank Foehrenbach Owner & Head Coach
    CrossFit L2 Trainer

    CF Kids, CF Weightlifting, CF Mobility, CF Gymnastics, USAW SP-L1, AASI L2 Snowboard Instructor

    Frank is a lover of the outdoors and helping others find their inner athlete…

  • Nicole Marquez Coach
    CrossFit L2 trainer

    From organized sports to exploring the trails, if it’s anything active she’s in!

  • Jonathan “Jay” Fernandez Coach
    CrossFit L1 Trainer

    More details coming soon!

  • Tamara Cordero Coach
    CrossFit L1 Trainer, USAW SP-L2

    Tamara started doing CrossFit in 2014 and had no idea how much she would fall in love with learning about fitness and helping others.

  • Aleah Larson Coach
    CrossFit L1 Trainer

    Aleah’s passion for coaching comes from helping others to push themselves and realize the potential that they don’t even know they have, helping them to get better one day at a time.

  • Anthony Gartland Coach
    CrossFit L1 Trainer, REPs Level 3 PT, REPs Level 1 S&C

    Anthony decided to certify in both personal training and CrossFit so he could help others find the same love for fitness that he has today.

  • Theo Dehoyos Coach
    CrossFit L2 Trainer, USAW SP-L1, CrossFit Regionals Judge

    Theo has always been a gym rat and after a deployment with his Army Special Forces unit to Afghanistan he was introduced to CrossFit by several of his fellow Soldiers in 2010.

  • Nicholas Artabazon Coach
    CrossFit L1 Trainer

    Nick discovered CrossFit through the military, being volun-told to do it in 2011.

  • Michelle Czarnecki Coach
    CrossFit L1 Trainer

    Michelle loves coaching because she loves helping people get better every day.

  • Alex Pototsky Coach
    CrossFit L1 Trainer

    CF Weightlifting, Navy Fitness Leader

    Alex is always looking for new ways to integrate functional movements into his workouts. His enthusiasm in keeping things constantly varied in order to meet life’s daily challenges makes classes challenging, and fun.

  • Matthew Thorup Coach
    CrossFit L1 Trainer

    CF Kids

    Coming Soon

  • Justin Violini Coach
    CrossFit L1 trainer

    Coming Soon

  • Natalee Violini Coach
    CrossFit L1 Trainer

    NASM PT, SCW Group Fitness, CPR-certified

    From a young age, Natalee developed a love for sports, whether it was cross country running, volleyball or racing road bikes.

    • Dallas Battle Coach
      CrossFit L1 Trainer

      Coming Soon

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